The comedian and actor on the verge of becoming a household Bruh-manname is Reginald Ballard! We came to know and love Reggie Ballard from the caricature he portrayed as Bruh-Man – from the “Fifth Floor”, on the “Martin Show”, and he was featured in the Mario Van Peebles movie “Panthers”. Reggie has also debut his comedic talents on Def Comedy Jam’s stage.

Reginald Ballard was born and raised in Galveston, Texas (The big island-located on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico). As a child, Reginald enjoyed being in the spotlight. One might blame the spark of his interest in acting on Bruce Lee, the famous Martial Artist. Through watching Lee movies, Reginald taught himself how to use the nunchukas and various fighting techniques.

Reginald did not show a theatrical interest right away. His primary interest was in athletics. He began taking karate class and upon entering junior high and high school, he became outstanding in track and football.

He received numerous football scholarships to prestigious universities across the country and after much thought, Reginald decided to attend Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where he would pursue a degree in Psychology and play football. After three years of grueling practices, aching joints, and a couple of unforgettable injuries, Reginald decided to give his body a chance to heal. Reginald enrolled in a theater class for non-majors. The acting bug bit.

Reginald continued his theatrical training at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri where he performed in numerous stage plays.

Since college, Reginald has performed in numerous stage plays as well as co-star and guest starring roles in film and television. His most recent appearance was in the hit TV sitcom AMartin, where he created the character of ABROTHER MAN. He has also had guest-starring roles on ASister-Sister, True Colors, and Words Up (an after school special with Kadeem Hardison).

His movie roles include ABig Ain’t Bad, AThick as Thieves@ with Alec Baldwin, AJimmy Hollywood( A Barry Levison Production), AMenace to Society, AClass Act(with Kid-n-Play). Also Reginald has been featured in APanthers (A Mario Van Peebles Production).

Reginald is also a stand-up-comedian and when not traveling the country. He resides in San Fernando Valley.

Click here for a video clip of Bruh-Man on the “Martin” TV show

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