Can Head

Can Head on EllenCan Head is one of a kind. He was born with a rare skin condition that suctions almost anything he places on his skin. Essentially, he can stick things to his body without glue – on his head, on his hands and even on his knees. His skin condition is so rare; he is the only person in the United States of America to have this, yet unnamed condition and is only one of four in the entire world to have skin that literally sucks. Because of this condition, his average body temperature remains at 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

About eighteen years ago, Can Head was at a baseball game and needed to cool off, so he put a cold can to his head. Just as he attempted to cool off, a home run fly ball was heading towards him. He went to catch the ball, while he was cooling his head and once the baseball was caught, he went to look for his can and it was nowhere to be found. Low and behold, it was stuck to his head the entire time and that’s how he became aware of his unique trait.

Can Head has been at many NASCAR events where he averages around 60,000 photo opportunities each day and gets interviewed by almost all media outlets at the NASCAR events. He has also graced the stage at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club with Jon Lovitz at the City Walk at Universal Studios Hollywood and was on stage with comedian Gabriel Iglesias in Chicago. Can Head even made an appearance at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland to place Guinness cans on his head.

Can Head has been hired to make appearances at various nightclub events to entertain their patrons, he’s been asked by different organizations to be a celebrity guest on their parade floats, has been seen on multiple television shows and photos of his rare skin condition can be viewed in many newspapers and magazines. He averages around 2,000 photo opportunities every hour.



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