Sherwin XL


10414516_10152112606536968_1757683360586755596_nSherwin XL is best known for, his role in the NBC News Buzz worthy multi-award winning film: “The Starks Coalition”, “Pop Pop Dirty Foots”, The Love Potion, his International “Ultimate Fan Commercial” he did for Kelsey Grammer’s Sitcom “The Game” on BET and hosting TORA (Taste The Runway Atlanta) with Rodney Perry.

He’s opened up and headlined with J.Anthony Brown in Atlantic City, worked as The Pre-Show Host and Announcer for The Patriarch of “The Jackson 5″ at “Joe Jackson’s Hip Hop Boot Camp”.

He’s also made his presence felt in Roosevelt, L.I. by presenting an award at the “Unity In The Community Festival” hosting “Roosevelt’s Got Talent Summer Concert Series”, was the only comedian to perform at “The 1st Annual Strong Island African American Parade & Festival” and was solely requested to perform at “President Barack Obama’s Campaign Head Quarters” in Hempstead, Long Island.

He’s also one of many who has graced the stage of the legendary “The Apollo Theater”.

Joe Donovan one of the creators of “Hair” once said: “Sherwin just has this never-ending-party atmosphere about him.” Sherwin’s comedy resume, in contrast is expanding along with Hosting The NY Black Expo with International Reggae Star Rayvon, New R&B Sensation U’Kno Tha Don and Florence Anthony.

As an entertainer Sherwin XL is a great example of yesterdays and todays entertainers he’s absorbed classic radio, classic tv sitcoms and the golden age of Hollywood.

Some of his comedic influences range from classic cartoons, Redd Foxx, George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Cosby, Sam Kinison, Robin Harris, Robin Willams, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carey, Jonathan Winters, Chris Tucker, Todd Lynn, Rasheed Thurmond, Monteria Ivey, Jerry Lewis, Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence and Bernie Mac.

The bottom line is you can never go wrong with fire works at night and you can’t ever go wrong with Sherwin XL on the mic.