On Point

10409598_642716899151795_8218876099317481960_nCall them Rap Rock if you want, but you can’t label their style. On
Point’s sound is derived from influences like Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Sublime, Kendrik Lamar, and Third Eye Blind, combined with inspiring lyrics
about life, love and humanity.

The story begins with Last Call, originally a duo founded by Adam Esson
(Guitar/Vocals), who played the local bars. Shortly after, impressed by a
…live performance, Scott Mandato (Drums) and Matt Davis (Vocals) joined and
their sound was born.

They hit the Cleveland live scene frequently, even opening up for Alien
Ant Farm at the pile of rubble that was once Peabody’s. They often won
audiences with their unique blend of hip-hop, reggae and acoustic rock.

In 2013, after joining forces with Eian McCoy (Guitar) and Doug Becht
(Bass), they hit the studio and reinvented their music to create the eclectic
sound that is On Point.

Review by Sean Beavan
“On Point has that seemingly impossible combination of great melodies,
magnetic vocals, and tight, cohesive, musicianship that enhances their catchy
songs. On Point is a new millennial hybrid with punchy tracks and solid
songwriting skills. The singer and rapper strike that perfect balance of hip
hop swagger and soaring emotional melody.”

Sean Beavan
Grammy Nominated Producer, Musician