2009 was a fine year for the rock world with bands such as Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, The Fray, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Pearl Jam, Skillet, Three Days Grace, and Five Finger Death Punch. That same year indie band OBLIVEA unleashed their first album, EVIL EMPYRE which top the charts on iHeart Radio, Reverb nation and Myspace. Selling over 10,000 units off the first release gaining the badge from Amazon.de top 100 sold in Germany. These gnarly Yanks from Ohio—Front man Ben Kyle, bassist Luis Guaman , drummer Eric Riggs and Guitarist Evan Cecil–have never won critical respect. Working with a similarly limited palette of chords, OBLIVEA tapped into the same primal rock vein as the band Bush, but whipped their take on the trusty old I-IV-V into a much raunchier rhythmic pitch and imbued it with an irrepressibly (often hilariously) libidinous outlook. The music is raw, monomaniacal and full of essential rock spunk.

OBLIVEA’s EVIL EMPYRE discography has its high points and its fair-to-middling moments, but by and large the disparity isn’t that big. Even their weakest songs are energetically executed and usually pack with a punch. The exception to that rule is “EveryBody Whooa”, an absolutely pristine slab of rock ‘n’ roll no matter how you slice it. The songwriting is as acute as the playing, the production keeps it all in line without damping the sizzle, and for a band whose stock-in-trade is your basic down ‘n’ dirty in your face, the material is amazingly diverse–ranging from the saucy anthemic thrash of the single track to the most “sensitive” song OBLIVEA has ever recorded, “Save Yourself,” an oddly moving combination of luggish double entendre and poignant melodicism.

These past few years OBLIVEA’s album continues to sell consistently and the band remains a solid concert draw. The OBLIVEA Brand is known throughout the world wide web and continues to grow 50,000,000 strong and counting.

The last 3 years the bands efforts turns over a new leaf in its newly produced EP “Holding Me Prisoner” with an anticipated projected sales of 50,000 units for the first week alone. Songs like “Every Body Whooa, Dream Land and Said I” have paved the way, which was well-received by rock radio and fans alike.