Erica Pierce

1557684_10152097186801814_76786540096948345_nErica Pierce always wanted to model and act as a child but was always told that she was too short standing at only 5’2. She did not let that stop her and got her first taste of the career in the 7th grade when a local Fashion Bug store allowed her to participate in an in store catwalk. The only thing that fit her were a pair of pajamas but she was complimented on being the best model there that day and knew she wanted more of this amazing experience.

It wasn’t until years later that Erica would get her first audition for the independent film, Integrity. She was too old for the character that she auditioned for but the director, writer, and producer like her so much that they wrote in a small role specially to have her in their film. After that Erica went on more auditions and began looking for an agent. Two years later she found Terri Bercelli in Pittsburgh and got her second role in a film called A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven. Through this audition she was invited to her first film convention in Hudson Ohio where she met Ben Kyle of OBLIVEA and her life really changed.

From there she became the manager of the band and with all the people she met opportunities began to arise and she took all she could including a shoot with Thunder Roads Magazine. Then she got not one agent but two and landed a role on the new John Travolta movie Criminal Activities and a movie called 40 Days of Hunger games. There are more movies in the works right now as well. Erica is very driven and dedicated. She is a must watch star on the rise.