Introduction: Damien L. Warren, also known as D.L, or DaLomonze – is a currently unsigned Gospel R&B/Hip-Hop musical artist who was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio in a part known as the Valley. The Valley was a short trip in his life as he traveled to many other parts of Cleveland, gaining friends and losing them all at the same time.

Early Years:

At the age of 9 years old, D.L auditioned and passed into the Cleveland Orchestra Children’s singing Chorus. While still moving and taking piano lessons from his Chorus piano teacher, he moved to Windham in Portage county Ohio. Struggling to travel hours away to get him to piano lessons and the chorus, his mother finally couldn’t take him to either. First cutting off his piano lessons and shortly after not having enough gas money to continuously travel back and forth to Cleveland. Distraught and curious, D.L joined into various activities such as choir, football, basketball while still in Windham. He moved from Windham at the age of 14 back to Cleveland and went to Glenville, Imani, Collinwood and then finally graduating from Euclid High in 2007. Every day of his last two years of high school in Euclid High was dedicated to perfecting his talent and learning more as he worked side by side with Edward Banks (also known as Phatty Banks). Phatty taught him to engineer, produce, record, and perfect his vocals while just being a supporter to him in his writing skills also.

Musical Journey:In 2009 D.L started college in Kent state and used leftover funds to make his own in home studio and recorded and advanced his multiple talents. He also performed and worked closely with several well-know groups and artist in Cleveland, such as The Yung Millionairez (at which he was also apart of at a certain time), Wrek Shop, Block Bang Gang, Certified Mic Wreckerz, Young Ray, Young Shank, Al Fatz and many more. He finally came into affiliation through a fellow artist named Clarence Gist aka Cagjie (also known as Mista Magnum) to The Vally Boyz in California who was also determined in pursuing everything to the fullest and who’s motto was HONOR, LOYALTY, and RESPECT, which are the keys to success. Being a valley boy himself he moved along with Cagjie to California Valley and thus starts the pursuit of his dreams, and one of those dreams were to be an established writer.

Back Home: D.L returned back home in 2010 to Cleveland to attend college again and study more about his talents. It didn’t take long before he found himself setting up a brand new mixtape, entitled “Triple Threat”, which featured Nice Mic(Yung Millionairez), and Pro Young(Avant Grant Ent). The trio held a release party of the mixtape at a downtown club called “Peabodys” in Cleveland. The number of CD’s sold is unofficial, but according to download records it has surpassed over 2,000 downloads since the release. Afterwords, D.L performed several shows with the trio pushing their mixtape as hard as possible. But D.L decided to take a new route in his musical career, and he turned his view over to working on more solo projects and had official crossed over to gospel and inspirational R&B in hopes of pursuing a life-full of spreading the truth of Christ and helping people in need of belief.

Awards: Was apart of the “Yung Millionairez” group that won the 2008 Ohio Hip-Hop Award for “Best Group” and “Best Upcoming Group”. Was nominated for “Best Upcoming R&B Artist” in 2009, and nominated for “Best Mixtape” for 2010, on OhioHipHopAwards.com.


Where I’m From – Yung Millionairez Feat. D.L.

She Can Get It – D.L Feat. Young Ray

Paradise – D.L

Money Over Here – Wreck Shop Ent, Feat. D.L

Make You Mine – D.L Feat. Nice Mic & Pro Young