Mike Ivy

mikeivyMike Ivy is a standup comedian. A favorite with young and hip audiences; Mike Ivy’s brash, daring, and eclectic style has earned him a  place among Clevelands’ up and coming comics. For the past 9 years he has been working with the likes of; Emo Phillips, Steve Byrne, Ryan Dalton, Jay Pharoah, Mike Polk, Brian Callen, Bobby Slayton, Dom Irrera, Tom Papa and Al Jackson at Cleveland’s Hilarities 4th street theater. He is also a staple of the Cleveland comedy festival; now in it’s sixth year. Fellow comedians and fans are often impressed with his originality, congeniality, and ability to challenge but not alienate an audience. He constantly works several different clubs and independent gigs building a reputation in the Ohio comedy “scene” as a rising star. Come see him perform live before he sells out.

His show is one you are not likely to see copied very soon. From the beginning it seems to be a simple comedy act which will be acceptable but not surprising. After the first few jokes it becomes apparent that this is simply a ruse to lure you into false expectations of banality. His first joke is better than most comedians entire acts. He captivates audiences with a gesture, a simple turn of phrase. He effortlessly elevates the humble penis joke into the realm of the gods. As inspired words leave the lips of this herald of laughter seemingly direct from the muse herself, You are elated. transported beyond mere laughter and approaching the gilded realm of ecstasy.  But too soon the joke has reached its climax Leaving you a humbled man thirsting for more. A man driven mad with desire willing to do or be anything for one more joke from this cruel master of mirth. And just as you think your splintered mind can suffer no more temptation. He mutters “what else is going on” and tells another satirical miracle. And in your tortured heart you mutter to yourself with what energy remains. “Yes wise jester, tell me more about how crazy Kim Kardashian is.”

When Micheal Ivy hits the stage, make sure you bring a splint for your funny bones!