Dave Arena


Dave Arena is a stand-up comedian originally from Cleveland, Ohio and now living in New York City.

He is founder of the “It Doesn’t Matter You’re Gonna Die” online community and host of the popular IDMYGD radio show/podcast that uniquely combines self-help and humor. His goal is to help people with their general miserableness.

Dave’s unique comedy point of view is evident by his personal mantra:

Breathe, Laugh and Take Nothing Seriously

And he lives it every day.

He has laughed in the face of lawsuits, US Marshals beating down his door, multiple car crashes, failed businesses, completely stupid acts on his part (lots of stupid acts on his part), financial disasters; nothing can stop him from laughing and having fun.

He even laughed at his own Mother’s funeral (she would have wanted it that way). He will be the first one to make fun of himself and quick to make fun of anything and anybody no matter what the situation.

“I’ve realized through my experiences that nothing is serious. And anything that happens is always for your higher good even if it seems “negative” or “bad” at the time. Negative or positive, good or bad are definitions we give things based on our beliefs, it’s not based in reality. Everybody is so worried about everything, stressing out, complaining, being negative, living miserably, and wondering if every single word out of their mouth is politically correct or will offend someone. Why is everyone so fuc%&*! serious? I mean really it doesn’t matter you’re gonna die. I love you all.” -Dave Arena

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