Christine Easterling



Christine Easterling is a gifted, creative and anointed singer and songwriter. Her talent reaches far beyond that of entertainment as she brings the word of God alive through her singing and preaching the word of God in a passionate and Spirit Filled delivery of His truth to the believer and non-believer alike. God has appointed Christine to share the word of God to the rich and the poor, to the young and the old, and to believers and non-believers alike.

Christine is a native of New Jersey but has a touch of Caribbean roots in her blood. Though she was raised in the Church it was at age 15 that God truly touched her life and called her to ministry. Through her use of songs and testimony she shares her life’s journey of both victories and hard times and how God provided for her to make it through life.

She has sung nationally and internationally. God has blessed her to go such places as Trinidad West Indies, California, Florida, Texas, Illinois and many more areas around the United States. She has shared the stage with such Gospel greats as Tremaine Hawkins, Beverly Crawford, Natalie Wilson, Kenny Bobein, Helen Baylor, Steve Green and many others.

Christine truly believes that God blesses us so that we can bless others. After earning her degree in Christian Psychology to help women in need, God sent Christine back to her neighborhood where she founded the W.I.P.P. (Women In Prevailing Prayer). This international woman’s prayer fellowship gathers once a month to pray for the needs of our nation, schools, churches and families. In 1994 she launched an outreach program to feed and cloth people trapped in poverty. The program was called Chosen Outreach Ministries when it was founded and now goes under the name of Signs of the Times World Outreach Ministries. Her CD “A New Beginning” features 14 songs (10 of which were written by Christine). The CD begins and ends with an inspirational prayer led by God through Christine. There is something for everyone on this CD from miracles and praises, to loving and healing the land.

As a recording artist, writer and composer, Christine combines these qualities to take God’s people to the next level of spirit and truth. Her music and message of God’s mercy and love are sure to guide you into the very presence of God. Come join Christine in a musical testimony of hope, real life issues and the redemptions that God gives you. She is available to minister at church services, conferences, women’s and youth retreats and wherever God opens His doors for her.


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