Ashlyn Metheny

Ashlyn_Metheny picAshlyn has a passion for singing. Since her first public performance at her third-grade talent show, Ashlyn has been wowing audiences with her powerful voice. Cultivating her dynamic stage personality has been a focus of Ashlyn’s since she was quite young, when she used her parent’s bed for a stage, and a hairbrush for a microphone.”I wasn’t born into a family of singers”, says Ashlyn, “it’s just something I’ve always known I wanted to do.” In 2004, at the age of 14, Ashlyn won the Colgate Country Showdown, and earned the honor of performing at the Arkansas State Fair. “Winning that competition against so many talented performers gave me such a feeling of accomplishment.It was my first time on a big stage with professional musicians. I loved every minute of it.” As an entertainer, Ashlyn is in demand.She has opened for the national acts John Michael Montgomery, Buddy Jewell, Billy Dean,Ricochet, John Anderson, TJ Shepherd and Bobby Bare;and inspired audiences at numerous charity and social events throughout Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Although she favors singing country music with what she calls a “pop twist”, Ashlyn is extremely versatile, pivoting between traditional country, R & B, rock ‘n roll, and contemporary Christian with surprising ease. Ashlyn’s versatility also shines in the different projects she undertakes, like singing lead and background vocals in various studios around her home–a skill that has provided her with many opportunities to work with accomplished songwriters. Singing in a select choir is yet another outlet Ashlyn uses to develop her musicianship, along with studying guitar and writing songs. When she envisions her future, Ashlyn sees herself creating the kind of music that touches everyone who hears it. “I belong in the world of music and entertainment, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Performing on stage and seeing the reaction of an audience is not only the greatest feeling in the world, it’s where I feel happiest and most at home.”