Joey Smith

Joey SmithJoey Smith is a uniquely spirited 8 year-old boy from Cleveland, Ohio. He has an excellent sense of humor and an enormous love of science and nature, birds and rabbits in particular. He loves trips to the zoo and walks in the local Metroparks, where he can usually be found with a camera. Joey is a budding photographer as well as a chef in the making. He is homeschooled through Ohio Virtual Academy and is taking lessons at the Olmsted School of Performing Arts. He is a master of building structures in Minecraft and constructing Star Wars space ships with his Legos. He has an active imagination and loves dressing up as characters of his own invention. He lives in Parma with his mother and father, three cats and his rabbit named Whiskers.


LKyhhGeC5HknjNg51uwLgp4qAMt69BG31Y_m8NXz-w1_B66cNm-5WceNRiJCYgAu1QmuvA=w2560-h2560  Joey (Charlie)